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Understanding Dyslexia

Dyslexia cannot be seen as separate from the environment that houses it. Here are some ways of contextualising it.

Dealing with Dyslexia

If you’d like some ideas for actions to take where dyslexic coworkers, students, or friends are concerned, try these helpful ideas…

Please Copy This

Often, when we ask staff or students to copy something from a board, or from a book, or from a separate piece of paper, we’re putting strain on cognitive functions people with dyslexia typically struggle with: working memory, convergence, phonological processing, and sequencing. Try copying the “running banner” below, onto a sheet of paper. This… Read more »

Tri-Partite Dyslexia

An easy-to-grasp view of how dyslexia characteristics intersect, and how to understand them.

The Cost of a Dyslexia Assessment

As of 2019, a full diagnostic assessment for dyslexia in the UK can cost anywhere between £380 (for full concessions) to over £600. The human cost of this is that those on lower wages simply cannot afford to have a screening. Without such a test, they are likely to be given none of the accommodations… Read more »

Dyslexia and Time

Dyslexic people aren’t late – they just see time differently. Interculturalists often understand – in some cultures, time is seen as a linear progression, but not for everyone. Dyslexic people have a synchronic, polychronic understanding of time that means we have to broaden our own outlooks to include divergent views if we want to achieve… Read more »

One Minute Dyslexia

Five facts about dyslexia. One minute. It’s time to rethink dyslexia.