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Dyslexia and Learning Design

Interview with im Gifford – 23rd November 2020 Earlier this month we sat down with Martin Bloomfield, author of Dyslexia Bytes, to talk about dyslexia and to explore what we need to know about it in Learning Design. This is an abridged version of that conversation. To hear it in full check out the episode… Read more »

Toxic Lunch

with Martin Bloomfield 24.09.2020 On the 24 September Martin Bloomfield answered to Prof. Buller and the audience of Toxic Lunch under the title “How “Equality of Opportunity is an opportunity for quality“. Read the following questions and discussion: 1. What is dyslexia? Depending on which “official” organisations you ask, you’ll get a completely different answer…. Read more »

No Such Thing as Dyslexia?

A recent article in The Guardian has kicked up quite a lot of fuss. “The Battle Over Dyslexia” advertises the idea that dyslexia “doesn’t exist”. For people who have read it, and who want to know why we can in fact say dyslexia is real (despite the flawed research featured in the article), I delivered… Read more »

Dyslexia Tips – Blog

Dyslexia Bytes Last year Dyslexia Scotland invited me to talk about becoming a blogger which they intended putting on their YouTube channel. I wanted this to look professional and asked my friend for advice as they work in the world of business. Little did I know this advice and experience would help me with a… Read more »

Dyslexia Bytes – Q&A with Martin Bloomfield

Sandy Millin August 3, 2020 I first met Martin Bloomfield when I was a trainer on summer courses at York Associates. I’ve seen him in action doing presentations and running an incredibly engaging guided tour of York, and can spend hours talking to him. I’ve been watching his Dyslexia Bytes community grow over the past… Read more »

9-Dimensional Dyslexia Space: A New Paradigm

I’d like to introduce a concept for you. I call it “9D Dyslexia Space”. When somebody says “I’m very / mildly / severely / wonderfully dyslexic”, there are many ways we can interpret that. But one thing’s for sure – you can’t measure it on a two-dimensional scale (and, often, that might include two-dimensional spiky… Read more »

How to support learners with dyslexia: a podcast with Martin Bloomfield

By Joanna Wiseman February 18, 2020 Our new Pearson English podcast is a place for English language experts from around the world to share their experiences, discuss innovations and explore trends in English language teaching and the wider educational sector. Today, we’re excited to introduce Martin Bloomfield, our guest speaker on episode 2. As a trainer… Read more »

Spotlight On: Diversity and Inclusive Practices

Visual learning for dyslexic children and teenagers: evidence and classroom practice Martin Bloomfield We often hear people – dyslexia advocates, parents / caregivers, celebrities – saying that visual learning is the best way for children or teenagers with dyslexia to succeed in school. It’s a compelling claim, and as educators it is an intriguing one…. Read more »