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Small Changes Which Make a Big Difference

Teaching learners with dyslexia: small changes which make a big difference In this article we speak to dyslexia awareness specialist Martin Bloomfield who shares his advice for how to make your lessons more dyslexia-friendly. Dyslexia in the classroom can bring up some teaching challenges. We spoke to Martin Bloomfield, trainer at York Associates, who is… Read more »

Unqualified Nonsense?

Why the argument between Jo Swinson and Humza Yousaf shows that Britain’s attitudes towards young people needs to change. – by Martin Bloomfield The Liberal Democrat leadership candidate Jo Swinson, speaking on BBC’s Question Time programme earlier this week, may think she’s done nothing more than spark a low-grade party-political row between herself and SNP… Read more »

Dyslexia Awareness: Why Equality of Opportunity is an Opportunity for Quality

I’d like begin by asking you three simple questions: How many people with dyslexia do you work with on a weekly basis? How much do you actually know about dyslexia? What could be the positive impact on your organisation of understanding dyslexia better? Over the past few years, York Associates has been working with schools… Read more »

Inclusivity: Another look at Special Educational Needs with Martin Bloomfield

Most of us, at some point in our teaching careers, will find ourselves in classrooms facing challenges we feel ill-equipped to deal with. We might, for example, be asked to teach someone with a neurodiversity like dyslexia or a physical disability, like visual impairment, that makes learning much harder.