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A collection of podcasts, webcasts, and broadcasts on the subject of dyslexia, recorded with hosts from around the world. In Conversation with Stephen Martin: The Truth About Dyslexia When Learning is Trauma: Conversation with Lois Letchford Web Q&A: SEN Provision in Mainstream Schools Neurodiversity, post-Covid Lockdown “Toxic Lunch” – Conversation with Prof. Thoral Buller, BBW… Read more »


A collection of presentations going into greater depth about the issues surrounding dyslexia. If you would like to book a presentation yourself, please write to us at: [email protected] The Power of Visual Thinking for (Non-)Dyslexic Students There are three keys to unlocking the potential of those with dyslexia. These keys have been scientifically demonstrated,… Read more »

Intercultural Perspectives on Dyslexia

Interviews and videos showing how dyslexia is looked upon in countries around the world. These videos provide us all with a broader, deeper, global perspective. LGBT+ Asylum Seekers Dyslexia Kenya Able Foundation (Dyslexia Malawi) Nigerian Researcher in South Africa Educational Psychologist – Nigeria Raising Awareness in Nigeria Neurodiversity and Mental Health in Nigeria Amina Dyslexia… Read more »

Dyslexia Bytes

Video Shorts to get your discussions going. Browse through our library of video shorts to spark your debates – and get into the conversation yourself. Dyslexia and Mental Health Dyslexia and Bullying Dyslexia and Homelessness Neurodiversity Dyslexia and Ethnicity (US) Dyslexia and Ethnicity (UK) Systemic Inequality and Dyslexia Extra Time in Exams A Quick Word… Read more »

Animated Explainers

Want an easily understandable guide to spotting the key signs of dyslexia at different stages of a person’s development? Look no further! ↓ ↓ ↓ Tri-Partite Dyslexia: How to understand where three key aspects of dyslexia intersect. ↓ ↓ ↓ Five Facts about Dyslexia in One Minute. It’s time to rethink dyslexia. ↓ ↓ ↓… Read more »