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A collection of podcasts, webcasts, and broadcasts on the subject of dyslexia, recorded with hosts from around the world. Matt Hancock, MP: The Dyslexia Screening Bill Henry Smith, MP: The Dyslexia Screening bill Pearson English Podcast: Accessible Teaching Content for ELT In Conversation with Stephen Martin: The Truth About Dyslexia What does Dyslexia Mean to… Read more »


A collection of presentations going into greater depth about the issues surrounding dyslexia. If you would like to book a presentation yourself, please write to us at: [email protected] The Power of Visual Thinking for (Non-)Dyslexic Students There are three keys to unlocking the potential of those with dyslexia. These keys have been scientifically demonstrated,… Read more »

Intercultural Perspectives on Dyslexia

Interviews and videos showing how dyslexia is looked upon in countries around the world. These videos provide us all with a broader, deeper, global perspective. Matt Hancock, MP – The Dyslexia Bill (UK) Henry Smith, MP – The Dyslexia Bill (UK) Norwegian member of Parliament Dyslexia Friendly Schools in Norway Dyslexia Awareness: Sweden Danish Trainee… Read more »

Dyslexia Bytes

Video Shorts to get your discussions going. Browse through our library of video shorts to spark your debates – and get into the conversation yourself. What is Dyslexia? – And What Are Our Own Aims and Purposes? “The Definition of Dyslexia” The Cultural Relativity of Dyslexia Definitions The Dyslexia Compass Surface Dyslexia Labels or Listening… Read more »

Animated Explainers

Want an easily understandable guide to spotting the key signs of dyslexia at different stages of a person’s development? Look no further! ↓ ↓ ↓ Tri-Partite Dyslexia: How to understand where three key aspects of dyslexia intersect. ↓ ↓ ↓ Five Facts about Dyslexia in One Minute. It’s time to rethink dyslexia. ↓ ↓ ↓… Read more »