First NameLast NameProfessionCategories
DaymondJohnShark Tank investor, founder of FUBUBusinesspeople
TheoPaphitisDragon’s Den panelist, retail magnate, entrepreneur, and university ChancellorBusinesspeople
Alexander FaludyMaths prodigyThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
BarujBenacerrafNobel Prize winning immunologistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Maggie Aderin-Pocockspace scientist and consistent UK Power List memberThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Carol Moseley BraunAmerica’s first female African-American Senator,and U.S. Ambassador to New ZealandPoliticians and Leaders
DorritMoussaieffIsraeli businesswoman, First Lady of IcelandPoliticians and Leaders
KendrickMeekUS politician, member of the House of Representatives, and campaigner for racial equalityPoliticians and Leaders
BenjaminZephaniahpoetArtists and Creatives
EricAdamsMayor of New York CityPoliticians and Leaders
Octavia EButlerscience fiction writerArtists and Creatives
SteveMcQueenOscar winning director: “12 Years a Slave”Artists and Creatives
Jerry PinkneyPinkneyaward-winning book illustratorArtists and Creatives
StevieWondermusicianArtists and Creatives
TomaszStarzewskitop clothes designerArtists and Creatives
KobeBryantbasketball superstarSports Personalities
AlbertAdriàavant-garde chef and leading restaraunteurBusinesspeople
AndrewCarnegieentrepreneur, industrialist and philanthropistBusinesspeople
MichelleBaroness Moneentrepreneur, designer, and ParliamentarianBusinesspeople
BillGatesfounder of Microsoft – IQ of 180 and a perfect 1600 score on his SATsBusinesspeople
Charles SchwabbentrepreneurBusinesspeople
Frank WinfieldFoolworthentrepreneurBusinesspeople
Tim FerrissentrepreneurBusinesspeople
Guy Handsinfluential City bankerBusinesspeople
HenryFordentrepreneur and automobile magnateBusinesspeople
IngvarKampradfounder, IkeaBusinesspeople
John T ChambersCisco SystemsBusinesspeople
NickJonesrestaurateur and leisure mogulBusinesspeople
KevinO’Learybusinessman, investor, writer, politician, TV personalityBusinesspeople
William P. Learinventor and businessperson, founder of the Lear Jet CorporationBusinesspeople
Lord McAlpineentrepreneur and politicianBusinesspeople
Alan Mecklerthe first person in the world to start a commercial venture in and around the internetBusinesspeople
David Neelemanfounder of JetBlue airlinesBusinesspeople
VinceNeilMötley Crüe lead singer, entrepreneur, and owner of vineyards, tattoo parlours and a luxury air charter serviceEntertainers
Paul Orfaleafounder, Kinko’sBusinesspeople
Chris Tisoaward winning outdoor clothing businessmanBusinesspeople
Richard BransonentrepreneurBusinesspeople
SteveJobsentrepreneur and thought-leaderBusinesspeople
Kerry Packerpublishing and broadcasting mogulBusinesspeople
Tommy HilfigerdesignerArtists and Creatives
Ted Turnermedia proprietorBusinesspeople
Pete Watermanmusic producer / mogulBusinesspeople
Marco PierreWhitechef and restauranteurBusinesspeople
William Wrigley Jrchewing gumBusinesspeople
Ben Fosscreator of the Intel ReaderBusinesspeople
AlbertEinsteinscientistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Alexander Graham BellscientistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Andrew Cooneyantarctic explorerThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Baruj BenaceraffNobel Prize winning immunologistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Simon ClemmentscientistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Charles ‘Pete’ Conrad3rd man on the moonThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Pierre Curiepioneer in radioactivity, Nobel Prize winning physicist, and husband / professional partner of Marie CurieThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
John B. GoodenoughNobel Prize winner in chemistry, but also a materials scientist, solid-state physicist, and mechanical engineer. A pioneer in the lithium-ion battery, magnetic superexchange in materials, and computer RAMThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Nicholas Negropontearchitect and founder / chairman Emeritus of the MIT Media LabThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
RichardRogersarchitectThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
CarlJungpsychologistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Carol W. GreiderNobel Prize winning molecular biologistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
ChristopherColumbusexplorerThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Craig McCawtelecoms visionaryBusinesspeople
Dominic o’ Brienworld memory championThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
GalileoGalileiastronomer, physicist and engineerThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Isaac NewtonScientistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Jack Hornerworld-renowned paleontologistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Jacques DubochetNobel Prize winning chemistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
JamesDysonInventor and businesspersonBusinesspeople
Elon MuskPioneering businessperson. Note: this entry is based on a rumour according to an ambiguous comment by his ex-wifeBusinesspeople
LouisPasteurScientistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
MichaelFaradayScientistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
James Clerk MaxwellScottish mathematical physicist and formulator of the Classical Theory of Electromagnetic RadiationThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Trevor Morrisafter whom the Morris / Evans Effect is namedThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Michel de NostredameNostradamusVisionary, astrologer, “seer”Thinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Orville Wrightflight pioneerThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Prophet Joseph Smithwriter, The Book of MormonThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
John Robert (Jack) HornerAmerican paleontologistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Stephen HawkingScientistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Thomas EdisonScientistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Wernher von Braunrocket scientistThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
John Skoylesneuroscientist, evolutionary psychologist, and philosopher of scienceThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Dean Kameninventor of the SegwayThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
James Russellinventor of the compact discThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
NikolaTeslaelectricity pioneerThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Wallace BroeckerNobel Prize winning scientist who predicted global warmingThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Wilbur Wrightflight pioneerThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
William JamesphilosopherThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Willem Johan (Pimm)KolffDutch pioneer in artificial organs and haemodialysisThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Louis Rosenberginventor at the forefront of AI and VRThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Eli Whitneyinventor of the cotton gin, one of the drivers of the industrial revolutionThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Abraham LincolnPresident of the USAPoliticians and Leaders
Andrew JacksonPresident of the USAPoliticians and Leaders
Anwar SadatPresident of EgyptPoliticians and Leaders
BenjaminFranklinPresident and founding father of the USAPoliticians and Leaders
Bobby KennedypoliticianPoliticians and Leaders
Dwight D EisenhowerPresident of the USAPoliticians and Leaders
Nadine DorriesUK Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and SportPoliticians and Leaders
Erna SolbergNorwegian Prime MinisterPoliticians and Leaders
General Pattonmilitary leaderPoliticians and Leaders
George BushPresident of the USAPoliticians and Leaders
George WashingtonPresident of the USAPoliticians and Leaders
John F KennedyPresident of the USAPoliticians and Leaders
Muhammad AliAli transcended sport and became a leader for the rights of black African AmericansSports Personalities
Lee Kuan Yew1st Prime Minister and founding father of SingaporePoliticians and Leaders
Carl Gustav XVIKing of SwedenPoliticians and Leaders
Olav VKing of NorwayPoliticians and Leaders
John PrescottBritish deputy Prime MinisterPoliticians and Leaders
Peter KyleShadow Minister for Victims and Youth Justice, and former charity sector executivePoliticians and Leaders
Matt HancockBritish Secretary of State for Health and Social AffairsPoliticians and Leaders
Penny MordauntUK Government MinisterPoliticians and Leaders
Trevor Ferrelladvocate for the homelessPoliticians and Leaders
Steve FieldingAustralian politician, former leader of the Family First partyPoliticians and Leaders
John Wright Hickenlooper Jnr.scientist and Governor of ColeradoPoliticians and Leaders
Peter Shumlin81st Governor of VermontPoliticians and Leaders
Gavin Newsom40th Governor of CaliforniaPoliticians and Leaders
Dannel Malloy88th Governor of ConnecticutPoliticians and Leaders
Paul KanjorskiPolish-American politician and member of the US House of RepresentativesPoliticians and Leaders
Dave ReichertU.S. Representative From WashingtonPoliticians and Leaders
Joshua WongHong Kong student activist, General Secretary of Demosistō – a pro-democracy and self-determination partyPoliticians and Leaders
Don MullanNorthern Irish humanitarianPoliticians and Leaders
Lyndon B JohnsonPresident of the USAPoliticians and Leaders
Michael HeseltineBritish statesmanPoliticians and Leaders
Bodo RemelowGerman politician, member of Die Linke, Minister President of ThuringiaPoliticians and Leaders
NapoleonBonapartepolitician, military leader, and revolutionaryPoliticians and Leaders
Edward VIIUK King, who gave his name to “the Edwardian age”Politicians and Leaders
Louis II of LuxembourgArchbishop of RouenPoliticians and Leaders
David Koreshcult leader and self-proclaimed prophetPoliticians and Leaders
Nelson RockefellerVice President of the USAPoliticians and Leaders
PaulKeatingAustralian Prime MinisterPoliticians and Leaders
Ross Perotpolitician and business leaderPoliticians and Leaders
Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jacksonmilitary leaderPoliticians and Leaders
Thomas JeffersonPresident of the USAPoliticians and Leaders
WoodrowWilsonPresident of the USaPoliticians and Leaders
A A Gillwriter and criticArtists and Creatives
Alfred HitchcockwriterArtists and Creatives
Alfred, Lord TennysonpoetArtists and Creatives
Andy WaholpainterArtists and Creatives
Anthony GormleyTurner Prize winning sculptorArtists and Creatives
Ludwig vanBeethovencomposerArtists and Creatives
Pauline Bewickacclaimed artistArtists and Creatives
Ben Eltoncomedian and writerArtists and Creatives
Robert BentonOscar winning Director / Screenplay adaptation: Kramer vs KramerArtists and Creatives
Benjamin ZephaniahpoetArtists and Creatives
CharlesLambpoetArtists and Creatives
Philip SchultzpoetArtists and Creatives
Charles SchulzcartoonistArtists and Creatives
G K ChestertonwriterArtists and Creatives
CarlySimonmusician (who thinks this entry is about her)Artists and Creatives
AndersonCooperwriterArtists and Creatives
Chris RobinsonmusicianEntertainers
WinstonChurchillUK Prime MinisterPoliticians and Leaders
Cole PortercomposerArtists and Creatives
Samuel TaylorColeridgepoetArtists and Creatives
David BaileyphotographerArtists and Creatives
Edgar Allen PoewriterArtists and Creatives
Emile Zolawriter Artists and Creatives
Ernest HemingwaywriterArtists and Creatives
F Scott FitzgeraldwriterArtists and Creatives
Mick FleetwoodmusicianArtists and Creatives
Richard FordwriterArtists and Creatives
ThomasGainsboroughartistArtists and Creatives
Sally DarnerwriterArtists and Creatives
George Bernard Shawpoet and authorArtists and Creatives
GustavMahlercomposerArtists and Creatives
Gustave FlaubertwriterArtists and Creatives
Guy RichiedirectorArtists and Creatives
George FridericHandel / HändelcomposerArtists and Creatives
Hans Christian AndersonwriterArtists and Creatives
Henry JameswriterArtists and Creatives
Herman MelvillewriterArtists and Creatives
Ian McKinnonwriterArtists and Creatives
Jonathan Ivedesigner of the iPhoneArtists and Creatives
John Irvingwriter and screenwriterArtists and Creatives
Jamie Oliverchef and authorBusinesspeople
John LennonmusicianArtists and Creatives
David LynchdirectorArtists and Creatives
Lynda La Plantwriter and screenwriterArtists and Creatives
JulesVernewriterArtists and Creatives
Jack KerouacwriterArtists and Creatives
Spike LeedirectorArtists and Creatives
Leo TolstoywriterArtists and Creatives
Leonardo da Vinciartist and polymathArtists and Creatives
Lewis CarrollwriterArtists and Creatives
Lord GeorgeByronpoetArtists and Creatives
Lord Richard RogersarchitectArtists and Creatives
Mark TwainwriterArtists and Creatives
Charles Rennie Machintosharchitect and designerArtists and Creatives
Tom McLaughlinwriterArtists and Creatives
MichelangeloBuonarrotiartistArtists and Creatives
Piet MondrianartistArtists and Creatives
Wolfgang AmadeusMozartcomposerArtists and Creatives
Nigel KennedyviolinistArtists and Creatives
Noel GallagherOasis songwriterArtists and Creatives
Jackson PollockartistArtists and Creatives
PabloPicassoartistArtists and Creatives
GiacomoPuccinicomposerArtists and Creatives
Ralph Waldo Emersonwriter and philosopherArtists and Creatives
Richard C StrausscomposerArtists and Creatives
Ridley ScottdirectorArtists and Creatives
Robert Louis StevensonwriterArtists and Creatives
Robert LowellpoetArtists and Creatives
RobertRauschenbergartistArtists and Creatives
Peter D. Rodgerswriter, poet, IQ of 175Artists and Creatives
Robert SchumanncomposerArtists and Creatives
Robin GibbmusicianEntertainers
François Auguste RenéRodinartist – sculptorArtists and Creatives
Salvador DaliartistArtists and Creatives
Samuel JohnsonwriterArtists and Creatives
Scott AdamscartoonistArtists and Creatives
Sergei RachmaninoffcomposerArtists and Creatives
Lou ReedmusicianEntertainers
Mick HucknallmusicianEntertainers
Steven SpielbergdirectorArtists and Creatives
Pyotr IlyichTchaikovskycomposerArtists and Creatives
Tennessee WilliamswriterArtists and Creatives
Jørn Utzonarchitect and designer of the Sydney Opera HouseArtists and Creatives
Victor HugowriterArtists and Creatives
Vincent van GoghpainterArtists and Creatives
Ahmet Zappamusician and writerArtists and Creatives
Anthony AndrewactorEntertainers
Anthony HopkinsactorEntertainers
Bob HoskinsactorEntertainers
Captain BeefheartmusicianEntertainers
Harry BelafontemusicianEntertainers
Tony BennettmusicianEntertainers
Richard o’Brienwriter and composerArtists and Creatives
Jay Bladespresenter and furniture restorerEntertainers
Jim Carreyactor and comedianEntertainers
Amy Childsmodel and entertainerEntertainers
Stewart CopelandmusicianEntertainers
Paloma FaithmusicianEntertainers
Harrison FordactorEntertainers
Ben Foglepresenter, writer, adventurerEntertainers
Danny GloveractorEntertainers
Keith Harrisventriloquist friend of Orville and CuddlesEntertainers
Dustin HoffmanactorEntertainers
Tom Hollandactor and gymnastEntertainers
Mark Hoylemusician of sortsEntertainers
RoxanneHoylemusician of sortsEntertainers
Eddie / SuzyIzzardcomedianEntertainers
Jay LenopresenterEntertainers
Jewel CaplessingerEntertainers
Tom JonessingerEntertainers
Elvis PresleysingerEntertainers
Ozzy Osbournesinger and Prince of DarknessEntertainers
Jack OsbournepresenterEntertainers
George C ScottactorEntertainers
Billy ConnollycomedianEntertainers
Henry Winkleractor and writerEntertainers
Chris Diffordmusician, who’s very cool for catsEntertainers
Jack NicholsonactorEntertainers
Ross NoblecomedianEntertainers
Sylvester Stalloneactor, director, writer – IQ: 160Entertainers
Keira KnightlyactorEntertainers
Liam GallaghermusicianEntertainers
Loretta YoungactorEntertainers
Marcus BrigstockecomedianEntertainers
Marlon BrandoactorEntertainers
Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr.MikamusicianEntertainers
Nicholas ParsonspresenterEntertainers
Brendan O’CarrollcomedianEntertainers
Orlando BloomactorEntertainers
Patrick DempseyactorEntertainers
Daniel RadcliffeactorEntertainers
Kevin RowlandmusicianEntertainers
River PhoenixactorEntertainers
Robbie WilliamsmusicianEntertainers
Robin Williamsactor, comedian – IQ: 140Entertainers
Susan HampshireactorEntertainers
Zoe Saldanaactor, dancerEntertainers
Leo SayermusicianEntertainers
Billy Bob ThorntonactorEntertainers
Tom CruiseCruiseactorEntertainers
Channing TatumactorEntertainers
Usher RaymondmusicianEntertainers
VirginiaWoolfwriterArtists and Creatives
W B YeatspoetArtists and Creatives
Walt Disneycartoonist and producerArtists and Creatives
Walt WhitmanpoetArtists and Creatives
Will Smithactor and musicianEntertainers
Woody HarrelsonactorEntertainers
RubyWaxactor, writer, and comedianEntertainers
Greg LouganisOlympic diving legendSports Personalities
Sam AllardiceEnglish football managerSports Personalities
Caitlyn JennerAmerican OlympianSports Personalities
Matthew Campbell-Hillwheelchair World Cup / World Championship bronze-winning medallist, health tech consultant, non-executive board member at the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport in July 2016, Chair of the Challenge Group for the UK government’s Anti-Doping Tailored Review, 2018, philanthropist, and co-founder of the ‘Mentors DEN Community Interest Company’Sports Personalities
Dereck Chisoraheavyweight boxer – his dyslexia is supposedSports Personalities
Jason ConleyAmerican basketball starSports Personalities
Frank GoreAmerican football playerSports Personalities
Alex GreenNFL playerSports Personalities
Magic Johnsonthe greatest basketball player of all time?Sports Personalities
Rex RyanNFL coachSports Personalities
Bobby GeorgeFormer World darts championSports Personalities
Chris BoardmanOlympic cyclistSports Personalities
Dennis BergkampfootballerSports Personalities
DuncanGoodhewOlympic swimmerSports Personalities
Jackie StewartF1 racing driverSports Personalities
Johnny HerbertF1 racing driverSports Personalities
Lewis HamiltonF1 racing driver and equality campaignerSports Personalities
Kenny Loganrugby playerSports Personalities
Scott Quinnellrugby playerSports Personalities
Chris Robshawrugby playerSports Personalities
Kelli BlankenshipHockey starSports Personalities
Paul MersonfootballerSports Personalities
VinceMcMahonFounder, WWESports Personalities
HarryRedknappEnglish football managerSports Personalities
Babe Ruthbaseball player and legendSports Personalities
Steven NaismithfootballerSports Personalities
Sandy LylegolferSports Personalities
Steven RedgraveOlympic rowerSports Personalities
Scott SonnonMartial arts Hall Of Famer, voted one of the “Six Most Influential Martial Artists of the 21st Century”Sports Personalities
Agatha ChristiewriterArtists and Creatives
Amy LowellpoetArtists and Creatives
Anita RoddickbusinesspersonBusinesspeople
Barbara Corcoraninvestor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author, and television personalityBusinesspeople
CarrieRozelledisabilities activist and founder: the US National Center for Learning DisabilitiesPoliticians and Leaders
Paloma Faithsinger, songwriter, actorEntertainers
Cathy Foleyscientist leader for the Commonweath Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and Chief Scientist of AustraliaThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Jennifer AnistonactorEntertainers
Felicity KendallactorEntertainers
Jodie Kiddsupermodel – reported IQ: 136Entertainers
Ann Bancroftarctic explorerThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Charlotte BrontewriterArtists and Creatives
Cherilyn SarkisianChersingerEntertainers
Joss StonesingerEntertainers
Salma Hayekactor, and women’s / children’s campaignerEntertainers
Goldie Hawnactor, philanthropist, campaigner – IQ: 132Entertainers
Kelly HoppenMBE, interior designer, author, and entrepreneurBusinesspeople
Marilyn Monroeactor and icon – rumoured IQ: 168Entertainers
Toyah Willcoxmusician and presenterEntertainers
Dame Darcey Bussell, DBEdancer and presenterEntertainers
Diane SwonkChief Economist and a Senior Vice-President at Bank One CorporationBusinesspeople
Eleanor RooseveltpoliticianPoliticians and Leaders
Michelle CarterOlympic Gold medal shot-put winnerSports Personalities
Elizabeth Daniels SquirewriterArtists and Creatives
Emily BrontewriterArtists and Creatives
EmilyDickinsonwriterArtists and Creatives
Erin BrockovichactivistPoliticians and Leaders
Esther FreudwriterArtists and Creatives
Fannie FlagwriterArtists and Creatives
Mollie Kingmusician and presenterEntertainers
Sarah Brightmanactor and singerEntertainers
Holly Willoughbypresenter and writerEntertainers
Nicola HickssculptorArtists and Creatives
Nicole BetancourtproducerArtists and Creatives
Princess BeatricePrince Andrew and Sarah Fergusson’s daughter and campaignerPoliticians and Leaders
Elaine C Smithcomedian and actorEntertainers
JoMaloneentrepreneur, perfumierBusinesspeople
Sahar Mansoorsocial entrepreneur, environmentalist, founder of the Bengaluru based zero-waste social enterpriseBusinesspeople
Helen B. Taussigpioneering cardiologist, instrumental in helping “blue baby” syndrome children, known for her work banning thalidomideThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Sally Taylormusician and philanthropistEntertainers
Anthea TurnerpresenterEntertainers
Whoopie Goldbergactor and presenterEntertainers
Zara ReidbusinesspersonBusinesspeople
Gwen StefanimusicianEntertainers
Zoe WannamakeractorEntertainers
Florence WelchmusicianEntertainers
LindsayWagneractor and advocateEntertainers
Jessica Watsonat 16, the youngest person to sail solo round the worldThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers
Robert Ballarddiscovered the wreck of The TitanicThinkers, Explorers, Pioneers