Famous Female Dyslexics

Agatha Christie
Amy Lowell (poet)
Anita Roddick
Barbara Corcoran (investor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author, and television personality)
Carrie Rozelle (disabilities activist and founder: the US National Center for Learning Disabilities)
Paloma Faith (singer, songwriter, actor)
Cathy Foley, Chief Scientist for the Commonweath Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and Chief Scientist of Australia
Nadine Dorries, UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport
Jennifer Aniston (actor, “Friends”)
Felicity Kendall (actor)
Jodie Kidd (supermodel – reported IQ: 136)
Ann Bancroft (arctic explorer)
Charlotte Bronte
Joss Stone
Carly Simon (singer / songwriter, who thinks this entry is about her)
Salma Hayek (actor, and women’s / children’s campaigner)
Goldie Hawn (actor, philanthropist, campaigner – IQ: 132)
Kelly Hoppen, MBE (interior designer, author, and entrepreneur)
Marilyn Monroe (actor and icon – rumoured IQ: 168)
Toyah Willcox (singer and TV presenter)
Dame Darcey Bussell, DBE
Diane Swonk (Chief Economist and a Senior Vice-President at Bank One Corporation)
Eleanor Roosevelt
Carol Moseley Braun (America’s first female African-American Senator,and U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand)
Michelle Carter (Olympic Gold medal shot-put winner)
Elizabeth Daniels Squire (author)
Emily Bronte
Emily Dickinson
Erin Brockovich
Esther Freud (author)
Fannie Flag (author)
Caitlyn Jenner
Mollie King (singer-songwriter, television and radio presenter, and model)
Keira Knightly
Liv Tyler
Loretta Young (actor)
Sarah Brightman (actor and singer)
Holly Willoughby (TV presenter and author)
Nicola Hicks (sculptor)
Nicole Betancourt (film maker)
Princess Beatrice (Prince Andrew and Sarah Fergusson’s daughter)
Susan Hampshire
Elaine C Smith (comedian, BAFTA award winning actor)
Michelle, Baroness Mone, OBE (entrepreneur, designer, and Parliamentarian)
Jo Malone (entrepreneur, perfumier)
Sahar Mansoor (social entrepreneur, environmentalist, founder of the Bengaluru based zero-waste social enterprise)
Helen B. Taussig (pioneering cardiologist, instrumental in helping “blue baby” syndrome children, known for her work banning thalidomide)
Sally Taylor (singer-songwriter, and philanthropist)
Anthea Turner (British TV personality and presenter)
Virginia Woolf
Whoopie Goldberg
Zara Reid (businesswoman)
Gwen Stefani (singer and choreographer)
Zoe Saldana (actor)
Zoe Wannamaker
Florence Welch (singer)
Maggie Aderin-Pocock, MBE (space scientist and consistent UK Power List member)
Carol W. Greider (Nobel Prize winning molecular biologist)
Lindsay Wagner (actor and advocate)
Jessica Watson (at 16, the youngest person to sail solo round the world)