Politicians and leaders

Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Jackson
Anwar Sadat
Benjamin Franklin
Bobby Kennedy
Dwight D Eisenhower
Eric Adams – Mayor of New York City 
Nadine Dorries, UK Secretary of State for Culture, Media, and Sport
Eleanor Roosevelt
Carol Moseley Braun (America’s first female African-American Senator,and U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand)
Erna Solberg (Norwegian Prime Minister)
General Patton
George Bush and sons
George Washington
John F Kennedy
Muhammad Ali (Ali transcended sport and became a leader for the rights of black African Americans)
Lee Kuan Yew (1st Prime Minister and founding father of Singapore)
Carl Gustav XVI (King of Sweden)
Olav V (former King of Norway)
Dorrit Moussaieff (Israeli businesswoman, First Lady of Iceland)
John Prescott (British deputy Prime Minister)
Peter Kyle (Shadow Minister for Victims and Youth Justice, and former charity sector executive)
Matt Hancock (British Secretary of State for Health and Social Affairs)
Penny Mordaunt (UK Government Minister)
Trevor Ferrell (advocate for the homeless)
Steve Fielding (Australian politician, former leader of the Family First party)
John Wright Hickenlooper Jnr. (scientist and Governor of Colerado)
Peter Shumlin (81st Governor of Vermont)
Gavin Newsom (40th Governor of California)
Dannel Malloy (88th Governor of Connecticut)
Paul Kanjorski (Polish-American politician and member of the US House of Representatives)
Kendrick Meek (US politician, member of the House of Representatives, and campaigner for racial equality)
Dave Reichert (U.S. Representative From Washington)
Joshua Wong (Hong Kong student activist, General Secretary of Demosistō – a pro-democracy and self-determination party)
Don Mullan (Northern Irish humanitarian)
Lyndon B Johnson
Michael Heseltine (British statesman)
Bodo Ramelow (German politician, member of Die Linke, Minister President of Thuringia)
Edward VII (UK King, who gave his name to “the Edwardian age”)
Louis II of Luxembourg (Archbishop of Rouen)
David Koresh (cult leader and self-proclaimed prophet)
Nelson Rockefeller
Paul Keating (Australian Prime Minister)
Ross Perot
Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson
Thomas Jefferson
Woodrow Wilson