The Neurology of Dyslexia

Executive Function

🔗 Memory🔗 Decision-Action🔗 Reactivity / flexibility🔗 Problem-orientation

As a general simplification:
These categories help provide an overview of the most common aspects of Executive Function Disorder. Working memory difficulties, and inhibition and emotional control issues are the most widely represented challenges across all models; with planning and decision making a close runner-up.

This can be demonstrated in the following chart, with the manifestations down the left-hand side and the eight models (A-H) represented in eight verticle columns:

It should be said, not everybody with dyslexia and dyspraxia manifests Executive Functioning problems. However, when looking for the signs of dyslexia, an awareness of these issues is crucial. And when dealing with dyslexic and dyspraxic students, employees, and colleagues, a sympathetic understanding can help everybody operate optimally, and prevent miscommunication.

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